Virtual Office

Virtual office is a service, which offers professional office assistance, without the need for physically owning an office building. Our clients are offered the possibilities of registering their business under the address of our office and using it for business contact purposes, when managing official matters.

An office space is then at your disposal, use it as you need – be it a few hours a week or maybe a few days a month, the payment is settled only for the actual, real time spent in the office rented.

We perfectly understand, that some people don’t need a whole month long access to the office and so, they have no reason for spending money on an expensive rent and equipment, which is really seldom used. Our company offers a virtual office in a prestigious area in Cracow. At any given moment you can use one of the available offices and office appliances for as long as necessary.

We will also take care of receiving your mail and calls, of which you will be informed immediately after receiving the correspondence. The virtual office is a great choice for any person, who is running his own business, but the business profile does not require a costly headquarter. Our offer also includes renting office spaces and conference rooms in any term chosen.