Company Registration

We offer you the registration of your company, economic activity under the representative adress, at a prestigious location, on the Rakowicka 10B Street in Cracow, which will allow you to reach a wide group of trusted clients.


Any formalities related to registration of a company will be taken care of, as well as preparing the proper agreement, which you will sign at the notary office.

The whole process will go quickly and efficiently, so that you will be one-hundred percent pleased of our service. If your business profile does not need the access to a stationary office for at least a few hours every day throughout the month, then a Virtual Office might be a good and comfortable solution. Thanks to the Virtual Office you will avoid high costs of the upkeep and equipping an office, especially in a situation when the office area is seldom used.

Within our service we guarantee a number of benefits, like the access to your workplace at any date chosen, free of charge. It does not matter, if you need to use the office only once a week for two hours or three times a week for eight hours – you pay only as much as for the actual time spent in the office rented.

Additionally, registering economic activities under our address, takes away the duties of daily receiving of mail and telephone calls – we will take care of every consignment or call, and you will be informed immediately.

Therefore you will not even have to visit our headquarters too often, if there will be no such need.