Why Choose Us?

We are a company with a lot of experience when it comes to renting office spaces and conference rooms. We take great care of every detail of our contracts and value customer satisfaction.

We guarantee a pleasant cooperation, quiet and serene work spaces and affordable,

competitive prices. Spacious, air-conditioned conference rooms, where professional job interviews, trainings and business meetings can be held, are also at your disposal.

Additionally any required office appliance is rented, including a television set and a beamer, which will come useful at presentations of services and products, as well as printers, scanners and a photocopier. Our office halls are comfortable, where work comes natural – tidy and having any necessary equipment. You yourself choose the room, which fits your personal requirements best. As we try to facilitate your work most, we agree to take over the duty of receiving everyday mail and calls, of which you will be informed constantly and immediately.

Also we offer supplementary services, such as taking care of your company’s accounting. We are a team of people, who try to achieve perfection at any action. We don’t care for anything more, than our Customers’ satisfaction, which is why we always respond to your needs and suggestions. We encourage you to thoroughly and directly look into our conditions and take a careful decision.